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Power Supply Management

Part Number Description Package
ET530DXX low-dropout (LDO), low-power linear regulators DFN8/SOT23-6
ET515DXX low-dropout (LDO), low-power linear regulators DFN6/SOT23-6
ET5A0XX 1A LDO with low dropout voltage DFN8
ET540XX low voltage 400mA voltage regulator DFN6
ET520XX low voltage 400mA voltage regulator DFN4
ET630XX High PSRR LDO with EN DFN4
ET515xx LDO with EN DFN4
ET533XX ET533XX 300mA LDO with shutdown mode(Elective output of Voltage) SOT23-5
Part Number Description Package
ET1202 a dedicated high performance and low noise DC/DC pumping controller IC TDFN12
ET55XXX DC/DC Voltage Converter 180mA SOT89-3, TO-92, SOT-23-5
ET3406 600mA Synchronous DC-DC buck circuit SOT23-5
ET8020 2A Synchronous DC-DC buck circuit MSOP10
Part Number Description Package
ET9513A a cost-effective, fully integrated single-cell Li-Ion battery charger DFN10
ET9520A combines a highly integrated switch-mode charger and a boost regulator to power a USB peripheral fro WLCSP
ET9501 4.1V/4.2V Li-ion Linear Battery Charger MSOP8
ET9510 Portable Li-ion battery supply control IC. SOP16.SSOP20
ET5067 Electric motor car charger control circuit SOP16, DIP16
Voltage Detector
Part Number Description Package
ET8202 a low-power comparator uDFN6
ET9818 a micro-power voltage detector SOT23
ET3895 low power voltage detector provides monitoring of battery μDFN
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