Flash LED Driver

Part NumberDescriptionVIN(V)IQ(mA)IFLASH(mA)ITORCH(mA)Flash Time(ms)Boost ModeDimming ModePackage(mm)
ET9371YFront Flash LED Driver2.8~5.51.7200200SETLow Drop16-StepDFN4 (1×1)
ET9381Y850mA Charge Pump Flash LED Driver2.7~5.50.3~2850200200Charge Pump/DFN10 (3×3)
ET9383YDual 750mA LED Flash Driver with Dimming Function3~4.80.45750*2200700Inductance BoostPWMDFN14 (3×2)
ET930101.6A LED Flash Driver with Synchronous-Boost2.5~5.50.301600360Up to 1600Inductance BoostI2C ControlCSP8 (0.35 pitch)
ET93011Inductorless1.5A LED Flash Driver2.5~5.50.301500360Up to 1600Low DropI2C ControlCSP8 (0.35 pitch)
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