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IR controller IC

Remote control
Part Number Description Package
ET6121/6122 Infrared Remote Control Transmitter SOP20 SOP24
ETXXXXMTC IR Transmitter Built-in driver transistor ,RC OSC , Pattern includes 6122,7461 etc. SOP16
Part Number Description Package
ET4001 Remote Control Transmitter MCU with 4 Bit SOP20, SOP24
ET4002 IR MCU with 2K OTP ROM ,built in OSC/BJT SOP16
ET4003 IR MCU with learning button , built in OSC/BJT SOP16
ET4005 IR Control Transmitter MCU with BJT Driver SOP24, SOP20
ET4205 IR MCU with built-in BJT Driver for Single cell SOP24, SOP20
ET8656 8 Bit MCU With Rom 1K×13 Bits SOP18,SOP20
ET5041 8-bit RISC Type Microprocessor With OTP ROM 4k×13 Bits DIP20,SOP20
ET5068 8-bit Microprocessor With MASK Rom 4k×13 Bits, With IR, PWM, LCD Driver QFP44, Die
ET3530 8-bit OTP MCU 4k×16 Bits, With ADC, 4x28 LCD Driver Die
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