PD Controller

Part NumberDescriptionVBUS(V)VDD(V)ISD(uA)FeaturesPackage(mm)
ET7301BCC Logic and PD Controller4~282.8~5.525Support PD2.0 ,VBUS 28V support,dead battery supportCSP9/ QFN14
ET7303CC Logic and PD Controller with TCPCI Interface4~283.0~5.525Support PD2.0 and TCPC1.0,CC pin 28V and short-VBUS protection,dead Battery and no battery supportCSP9 (0.4 pitch)
ET7304PD 3.0 Type-C CC Controller4~283.0~5.525USB Type-C 1.2 and PD 3.0 Support, Dead and no Battery Support,CC Pin Short VBUS ProtectionCSP9 (0.4 pitch)
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