Fun LED Driver

Part NumberDescriptionVIN(V)ISHDN(uA)CHDimming LevelsIMAX/CH(mA)Interface ControlPackage(mm)
ET63263CH with Auto-Breathing2.7~5.50.13192 Current each CH24I2CDFN8 (1.5×1.5)
ET63099CH with Auto-Breathing2.7~5.50.19192 Current each CH48I2CDFN8 (1.5×1.5)
ET6312B12CH with Auto-Breathing2.7~5.50.112192 Current each CH48I2CQFN20 (3×3)
ET6034A16CH 128 Step Dimming2.4~5.5≤516128 Current each CH45I2CQFN24 (4×4)
ET6296Y6*9 Matrix with Auto-Breathing2.4~4.5≤46×9 Matrix128 PWM each RGB 128 Current each Dot40I2CQFN24 (4×4)
ET6036Y36CH 128 Step Dimming2.7~5.5≤1036128 Current each CH45I2CQFN48 (5×5)
ET6037Y18CH 128 Step Dimming2.7~5.5≤518128 Current each CH45I2CQFN24 (4×4)
ET603836CH 256 Step Dimming2.7~5.5≤636256 PWM & 256 Current ADJ42.6I²CQFN44 LQFP48
ET6212LED Matrix Driver with Music Spectrum Display2.7~5.5≤112×12128 PWM40I2CQFN32
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