Load Switch

Part NumberDescriptionVIN(V)IQ(uA)IOFF(uA)IOUTMax(A)ISD_OUT(uA)RON(mΩ)En LogicRCBPackage(mm)
ET31372.2A Switch with Low IQ1.2~ (0.4 pitch)
ET31382.2A Switch with Low IQ1.2~ (0.4 pitch)
ET3148A3A Switch with RCB1.5~6.011≤13.5223HYCSP6 (0.4 pitch)
ET3158A3A Switch with RCB1.5~6.010≤13.0255HYDFN4 (1.2×1.6)
ET3158E3A Switch with RCB and VOUT Check Option2.5~6.010/3.0255/YDFN4 (1.2×1.6)
ET31526A Switch with RCB and Voltage Detector2.2~6.011≤16.026HYCSP12 (0.4 pitch)
ET31536A Bidirectional Battery Switch2.3~5.5≤1≤16.016LNCSP12 (0.4 pitch)
ET3161Low Input Quick Rise 6A SwitchVBIAS 3~5.5 VIN 0.8~3.5≤1≤0.46A/4.8HNDFN8 (3×3)
ET31666CH 2A Switch with I2C Control1.2~5.5≤1≤12.0A X 6CH1.452 TypHYCSP16 (0.35 pitch)
ET31762CH 6A Load Switch with Slew Rate Control VBIAS 2.5~5.7 VIN 0.6~VBIAS20≤0.16.0/16HNDFN14 (3×2)
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